The power of Raw Potato Juice

The Fresh Potato Juice could not only treat cancer but also cure many people who suffer from hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes and kidney disease. For those who are suffering from chronic diseases, please try this treatment.
Okada Akira, Medical Analyst

I tried the potato juice remedy for a week. I found out that it works on
curing my eczema that I have had for over 5 years! I am so happy with the results from using this potato juice remedy, that I want to share it with those who are with those who are interested in taking care of themselves and being healthy.



Easy way to make Potato Juice
IngredientsOrganic is better 
*Potato:  3~4      
自制方便简洁的土豆汁(图) - 开眼界 - 开眼界
*Apple:  0.5 or 1 
自制方便简洁的土豆汁(图) - 开眼界 - 开眼界
*Fresh Ginger:A small piece
Potato/ Apple/ Ginger   (Juicer)
自制方便简洁的土豆汁(图) - 开眼界 - 开眼界
The Potato Juice
  1. Remove any sprouts or any green spots before using the potatoes as these may be the sign of presence of solanine which is dangerous if ingested in large amounts.   
  2. Drink the juice immediately after making it.  Juice will change color after exposure to air.
  3. Drink the juice 30-60 minutes before breakfast every day.  It's important to drink the juice on an empty stomach. it is important to continue drinking every day. 
  4. If you have a painful spot on your body(toothache/Joint pain/blues etc), applying some of the potato residue will help reduce, or eliminate, the pain.
  5. You can eliminate the ginger from the potato juice, if you drink ginger tea after the juice.
  6. The juicy pulp of the shredded raw potatoes can also be applied as a poultice in clearing the wrinkle and other skin blemishes due to ageing. It may be rubbed on the face and other portions of body that have wrinkles before retiring for bed. It will help melt the wrinkles, banish age spots and clear the skin.
  7. Raw potato juice is valuable in stomach and intestinal disorders. Stomach ulcers are treated with the juice of red potatoes. Potato juice also relieves gastritis. The recommended dose is half a cupful two or three times hall an hour before meals. Potato starch is administered as an anti inflammatory for gastrointestinal diseases and toxins.

      Potato Juice
      First of all, potato juice is a valuable natural remedy which can assist in improving the function of our digestive system to a great extent. It can help eliminate an acid condition in the stomach and relieve ulcer pains. For such treatment, it is recommended to use the juice of red potatoes. It is important that red potato juice should be consumed right after is it made. For making a good potato juice, red potatoes should be washed out, dried out, grated and squeezed. Also, you should never use juice of immature potatoes or the potatoes with black dots since such potatoes can contain certain toxic substances. If you mix it with carrot juice (50 g of raw potato juice and 100 g of fresh carrot juice), raw potato juice can help to calm down burning sensation and gastritis pains.

      The second most valuable property of potato juice is its ability to treat rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism, lumbago, and so on. In terms of such treatment, potato juice can be taken with various herbal teas, such as sage or nettle teas. Also, arthritis pains can be very effectively relieved by using a tea made of clean potato peels. Raw potato juice is effective for constant migraines and constipation. Finally, taken regularly on rising in the morning (or 30-20 minutes before breakfast), 100-150 g of raw potato juice can be used as a very powerful liver cleanser. Some patients reported that drinking raw potato juice assisted in relieving certain skin problems, such as eczema, skin blemishes, dry and itchy skin, and so on.

      Since raw potato juice can not be considered too pleasant for drinking, it can be mixed with other juices: not only with carrot or other vegetable juices, but also with fresh lemon juice and honey. In particular, drinking raw potato juice mixed with some honey can substantially lower the risks of possible food poisoning, and also can remove the excess uric acid from the body and disinfect your bowels in a natural way. In addition, raw potato juice has very good properties and can assist in diarrhea treatment.

      If you want to try some more or less serious raw potato juice treatment program, I would recommend drinking 100-150 g of fresh juice for a fortnight every morning and every evening, 1.5-2 hours before meal. Then, after a 7-day break you should repeat the treatment for other 2-3 weeks. It is very important to remember that you should eat a light and healthy diet during the treatment. However, you should not start a potato juice treatment or eat a potato diet without consulting a nutritionist or your personal therapist. There are certain problems and ailments connected with the function of our digestive system, which can be escalated by using a potato therapy.

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